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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sports Car Insurance

Let's face it. You didn't buy your brand new Camaro or Mustang, porsche because you are a everyday person. You are a risk taker, a daredevil , and you enjoy driving fast and seeing what your high performance car can do.

The bad thing about auto insurance is this is where they make all there money.If you like you can't win the my blog will show you how to save a basic know how on sports car insurance.

First thing to remember is how sports car drivers are seen. Most companie see you as riskless, risksy, caereless even, compared to soccer moms and football dads. Sportscar drivers get more tickets and are involed in more accidents then any other type of driver.

Second thing to remember is higher performance car tend to be the target for theft and vandalism . We all can't afford the nicest car on the lot but the desire never goes away.

Thrid thing to remember is that 70% of sportscar drivers have money. I'm not saying they are rich , but the don't mind the maintence fee on there high end vechiles . To the risktakers it costs to be the boss.

Now let me show you how the boss can save some money on thier favorite toy.

Buy your insurance in a lump sum this can save you 5%.
Use one insurer for your car and home , this can save you 7% or more.
Install a antitheft car alarm system this can save you 5-10%.

All remember that the goal when driving a sportscar is to be safe when it

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