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Monday, November 21, 2011

young drivers listen up

If you are a teenager or young adult who has recently purchased a vehicle, your bank account might be on the low side. After months of saving up money, it is a big financial investment to purchase a vehicle. You probably spent hours searching the internet or through newspapers to find the perfect car. Your dream car may have been out of your budget, but the car you did purchase is the right car for both you and your needs. Whether or not it is the perfect color or the perfect brand, there is a good chance that you adore your vehicle and are ready to take it out on the road. Do not drive away just yet, though, as there is one more purchase that needs to be made before you hit the roads: auto insurance.

If you are a new driver, you are probably wondering why exactly you need auto insurance. Sure, it is the law, but what does it do for you? To begin with, getting caught without insurance can equal a hefty fine or jail time. If you get caught driving without auto insurance, you receive much more than a simple slap on the wrist. It may seem unlikely that you will get caught, but it is much easier than you think. Over half of new drivers get into an accident within their first year, and the majority of those accidents are more than simple dings and scratches. If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, you will need to provide proof of insurance in order to report the accident. In the case where you are at fault, not only will your insurance pay for the other person's vehicle and health care expenses, it could help cover the cost of your vehicle depending on the type of insurance you opt for. Do not drive without insurance coverage regardless of how often you plan to drive or if you are only using the car to drive to get groceries each week.

After you have spent so much on your car, it can be overwhelming to consider the auto insurance options available. If you are a new driver or a driver under the age of 25, car insurance is not cheap. This is because new drivers are inexperienced and young drivers can be reckless at times. It is the sad truth that young drivers, especially males, pay an arm and a leg to insure their car, but it is a necessary cost. There are ways, however, to get the most out of your auto insurance without having to go broke. The first is by being added to your parents' plans. They have an established relationship with their insurance broker and can often get you less expensive insurance as a part of their plan. It will not be cheap, but when you have just put a huge financial investment in a vehicle, every dollar counts. Another way is to comparison shop between different insurance providers. One company may charge significantly more for the same coverage as another company, and researching what is available is the best way to find out. There are a number of additional insurance options that can be added to auto insurance, too, and it is best to consider what you really need before opting for everything.

If you have recently purchased your first car, congratulations! The next step is to purchase auto insurance suiting you and your needs. While this may seem like a daunting task, the right research can ensure that you have something affordable that works for you. So be smart and do the research.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat

We all love a money saver whether we are in a recession or not. When it comes to cheap car insurance we particularly like to shop around. Up to a quarter of people change their insurer when the renewal date arrives. Changing utility companies is less common although getting more popular as prices rise - but you don't have a renewal date for your electric or gas so most of us avoid the paperwork and the hassle. Renewing your car insurance is easy, but there is a bit of work to do, which is probably what prompts us to shop around while we are at it. Added to this, saving some money on the car insurance may actually mean the difference between continuing to run a car or not as we all begin to feel the 'pinch' in our wallets.

Protect your assets

Finding cheap car insurance is pretty easy these days, the market is so competitive and insurers so keen to keep existing clients that they will offer discounts and bonuses galore. For new drivers finding young driver insurance is usually expensive and you may well be tempted by all kinds of offers, but for more established drivers, who posses valuable assets like their no claims bonuses, switching to an apparently cheaper policy may prove expensive in the future. Most companies will accept your no claims bonus when you purchase a new policy - but before clicking 'Yes' and switching, make sure that this is the case. The larger your no claims bonus is you have the more you will want to protect it! If your policy does not already protect your 'no claims bonus', consider when switching the inclusion of this option. Protecting your no claims bonus usually comes at a slight premium but one that may well be worth it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The 10 most expensive car to Insure in 2011

I found that this list should help all the car drivers out there see what it cost to be the boss.

10 Most expensive Cars to Insure

1.Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG ($3,543.81)

2.BMW 750i ($3,280.70)

3.BMW 750Li ($3,280.70)

4.Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG ($3,263.46)

5.Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG ($3,220.86)

6.Aston Martin DB9 ($3,120.45)

7.Mercedes-Benz CL600 ($3,114.28)

8.Porsche 911 Carrera S ($3,092.31)

9.Aston Martin DB9 Volante ($3,088.96

10.Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG ($3,086.49)

So There you have it the top 10 most expensive cars to Insure this year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do your homework and benifit in the end

The best auto insurance quote requires homework ahead of time. It is essential, when trying to get the best deal for auto insurance, to gather as many quotes as you can. You must always then compare the quotes to find the quote that will be the best deal for you. In order to find out what will be the best deal for you, you will need to know what you are looking for. It is essential that you find out what you want covered in your auto insurance so that each quote encompasses the same coverage, therefore making it a fair comparison. Always a wise decision to do this.

There are several websites online where you can get auto insurance quotes. Start By filling out their applications, you can get more of an idea of what is offered, and what you may want. Having auto insurance is important since it not only covers you financially should a horrible accident occur, but many times, having auto insurance will lower your interest rate when applying for a car loan as well. Therefore, if you are purchasing a new car, it would be wise to purchase auto insurance at the same time to be able to bargain for a lower interest rate on the loan for the car. If you already have the loan for the car, you may even be able to refinance for a lower interest rate by proving you have auto insurance

So The reason why car insurance and lower interest rates often times go hand-in-hand is because lenders feel much more comfortable lending out a large amount of money for a car loan if they know the driver is insured. It's unlikely but If a terrible accident were to occur, the borrower of the loan would more likely be able to continue paying back the loan if they are insured since they would be financially protected through their auto insurance.

At the top of your mind, when getting car insurance, that the higher your deductible is (the amount you pay up front should an accident occur) the lower your monthly payments will be. Therefore, if you are a safe driver, a high deductible will probably be the best choice for you. It is a basic rule of thumb (unless you are prone to a lot of accidents) to always choose the highest deductible you can possibly afford. Once you have chosen that amount, it is wise to always have that amount in a savings account that is not touched unless that situation arises and you need to pay the deductible amount. That way you can enjoy lower monthly payments, and if an accident never occurs, you are never responsible for paying that deductible amount. This way you save and life goes on .

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sports Car Insurance

Let's face it. You didn't buy your brand new Camaro or Mustang, porsche because you are a everyday person. You are a risk taker, a daredevil , and you enjoy driving fast and seeing what your high performance car can do.

The bad thing about auto insurance is this is where they make all there money.If you like you can't win the my blog will show you how to save a basic know how on sports car insurance.

First thing to remember is how sports car drivers are seen. Most companie see you as riskless, risksy, caereless even, compared to soccer moms and football dads. Sportscar drivers get more tickets and are involed in more accidents then any other type of driver.

Second thing to remember is higher performance car tend to be the target for theft and vandalism . We all can't afford the nicest car on the lot but the desire never goes away.

Thrid thing to remember is that 70% of sportscar drivers have money. I'm not saying they are rich , but the don't mind the maintence fee on there high end vechiles . To the risktakers it costs to be the boss.

Now let me show you how the boss can save some money on thier favorite toy.

Buy your insurance in a lump sum this can save you 5%.
Use one insurer for your car and home , this can save you 7% or more.
Install a antitheft car alarm system this can save you 5-10%.

All remember that the goal when driving a sportscar is to be safe when it

Friday, July 29, 2011

Things to keep in mind once you have Auto Insurance

Keep a yearly policy: when you choose a policy , choose a yearly policy it will save money. Think about it if you have a six month policy and you get into an accident , when you renew you rates will go up .

Know your car mileage: when your insurance agent ask you how many miles do you have on your car it is an important ?. The amount of miles on your car places you in a class . As you guess it different class mine different policy prices.

Know what Comprehensive storage coverage: If you travel a lot or your planning to go on a long-term trip . The is less likely to be in a accident if stored away in your garage for months. Keep comprehensive insurance on the vehicle well you are away and saved some serious money.

Inquire about Multiple Car Discount: Did you know sometimes insuring two cars can be the same price as insuring one. If not the same price, insuring another car usually does not cost as much as you may assume. If you have multiple cars, it is wise to check with your insurance agent, while obtaining your online insurance quote, to make sure you can get this discount on your car insurance.

Affiliation Discounts : Most people didn't know that you can get discounts for being part of various organizations. The groups range from churches, credit unions, military, college sororities, college fraternity , even sir tent credit cards. Inquire about a list of the organizations from you insurer.

Defensive Driving Courses: I know as an adult you don't want to take a course like this, but it could benefit you in many different ways. Some companies give considerable discounts on car insurance for attending defensive driving courses. Check with your state insurance commissioner, insurance company or when obtaining an online insurance quote to see if you could qualify and to find out where to take courses.
Keep An Eye On Your Credit Rating: Another great tip to get cheap car insurance is to keep your credit clean!!!. A lot of insurance companies are checking your credit and basing your policy on what is found. Make sure you check to see if your credit is in good shape, and if it is not, you may want to seek out companies who do not do credit checks. Small insurance companies are less likely to do this , as there goal is to expand the company.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Cars that you might want to have insurance on. My favorite cars as well enjoy the video.